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Architecture Standards for the Community

We love our community and want to make sure it remains looking great, while protecting our investment as homeowners. To that end, the "Architecture Review Committee" (ARC) adopted standards used by builder to define the pallets for exterior colors, fences, roofing, etc to keep the appearance of our community harmonious.

So, if you plan to repaint your home or build fences, for example, your plan will be automatically approved by the Board as long as you chose one of the standard options listed below, reducing wait time and reducing everyone's effort. You can find the ARC request form here.

IMPORTANT: For complete details on the Architecture Standards, please consult our ARC Guidelines documentation.

Standards for exterior painting and accent stones

The paints were provided by Sherwin-Williams.  The closest store is located at 202 164th St, Lynnwood.  They have a database of all paints used in our homes, internally or externally.  You are free to use any color in the interior of your home.  For external colors, the CC&Rs allow that if you use the exact same colors in the exact same color scheme as currently and originally painted on the house you still need to file an application with the ARC Committee, but you do not have to wait for approval.  If you wish to use any different color, you must fill out an ARC request form and wait for approval.  If you deviate from the exact same colors/scheme without approval, you may be required to repaint at your expense.

We have compiled all colors used on the exteriors and front doors in a document sorted by lot number.  This way, you can see what the color looks like before making a selection.  You can find the list of colors here

The Board does not recommend specific vendors. However, for your reference, here is the company that originally painted our homes:

High End Quality Painters
Contact: Celedonio Velez
Phone: (206) 403-3880

We currently do not have information on companies providing the accent stones.

Standards for fences

There are three types of fences currently pre-approved for installation. The three options are already installed though the community, so you can visit homes before making a decision. The Modified Panel option is great because they are relatively cheaper and the absence of the lower horizontal plank close to the ground makes it last longer. However the Full Panel looks really nice. The third option can only be installed in the back of the lots facing the green belt. They Galvanized Grid fence does not block the nice view of the threes from your lower level floor.

If you like to stain the fence, we also provide a list of five colors already present in our community. If you pick one of the five colors and three fence styles, you will still have to submit an ARC application form, which will be automatically approved. You can find the standards for fences here

For any other exterior changes

Before making any external structural, permanent additions, functional or cosmetic changes such as choosing a new paint color, adding play or sport equipment, building a fence, installing an external antenna, etc you must fill out this form to obtain approval from the ARC (even if you are using the standards above). Submit your application to board(at)

If you have any questions, please contact us using the email address above or the form in the main page

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