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ARC Guidelines

Hello Homeowners, 

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) has approved the ARC Guidelines documentation. This was a process that involved feedback from homeowners over numerous meetings and research by the committee to ensure that we have quality rules to ensure that our property values are preserved and the community continues to be beautiful. 

The document can be found here


ARC members


Backflow testing UPDATE

Hello Homeowners,

The proposal to centralize the Backflow preventer inspections has been approved by the community. Please keep tuned for further notice on how this will be implemented.

Do not have your Backflow preventer tested on your own in 2018.  The HOA is having them all done in July 2018 and a one time charge of $25 will be added to your monthly dues to pay for that each year.


Your Board.

Backflow testing proposal UPDATE

Good day Homeowners,


If you have a Backflow preventer (42 out of 50 homes do), you MUST have your 2017 inspection done on your own for 2017. We are hearing from some companies that homeowners are telling them the Board has taken care of that for them - We have not!

The board still does not have enough votes to pass the discounted price ($25 a year). At this time we are leaving the voting open. There is no way this will be completed and set up by the end of the year.

Mail this ballot to the address below:

Gracie's Place HOA
c/o LynnMac
410 Boston St.
Seattle, WA 98109


Your Board

Proposed rental cap for the community

Dear Homeowner,

We are writing to give you information on a proposal the Board is considering. 

It has been proposed that we amend our Community By-Laws and Rules (CC&Rs) to allow that no more than 10% (5) homes be allowed to be used as rental units.  Currently, we have two (2) homes that are rentals.

If we move ahead with this proposal, this action would require the vote of the entire community, and 67% (34) of the homeowners must approve for it to pass.

We would like your input and feedback on this item as state and local laws would require that we hire an attorney to draft the language for the amendment.  Prior to spending HOA funds on doing that, we wanted to hear how you feel about the issue.

In brief, the language would basically allow that any home in the community rented would need to file information with the Property Manage (We do this currently per our By-Laws and CC&Rs to track which homes are owner occupied) and that as soon as five (5) homes are rented or listed as for rent, no one else would be allowed to rent their home and any homeowner renting outside of the approval process could face severe fines.  Homeowner’s wishing to rent could be placed on a waiting list and if a rental house was removed through sale or otherwise, the next person on the list would be approved to rent.

The 10% number has been suggested as being considered reasonable in the eyes of the courts.  We would likely not be allowed to set it any lower without threat of legal action against the community.

Please let us know your opinion by emailing or writing to:
410 Boston St.
Seattle, WA 98109

This is not a vote.  We are simply seeking your feedback before deciding to move forward in hiring an attorney to draft language.  If we deem there is enough support, we would then hold a vote on exact language.

Thank you kindly for your consideration,

Your HOA Board

Backflow testing proposal

Good day Homeowners,

As many are aware a vote was recently sent to the home owners who have backflow preventers (42 out of 50 homes).  The language in the vote ballot seems to have caused some confusion so we wish to clarify.

Back in April the HOA was offered a very good price on the required Annual Backflow Preventer inspection.  This typically costs $40 to $65 a year depending on what company you use.  We were offered a price of $25 per home (again, only the 42 homes that have one) if we could lump them all together so they could be inspected at the same time.  This offer was made by Panther Backflow, a licensed company that many of us use already. 

The offer was made because the licensed inspector would be paid in one check from the HOA, rather than chasing down individual home owners for payment and receiving 42 checks separately.  As well as being able to come out and do them all at once.

The Board put in a great deal of work.  We had to negotiate with Alderwood Water Company (they require the annual inspection) to get them to be willing to put all the homes on an equal schedule.  This was recently accomplished which allowed us to move forward with a vote.

There seem to be two main points of confusion:

1) Raising HOA Dues: The Board is not raising HOA dues.  The $25 price for this service is a once a year cost and would be added only to the dues of each of the 42 homes that require the inspection.  This money is then paid to the inspector once inspection is complete.  Getting one check was one of the main reasons for the significant discount from the company.

2) Having to buy a new lock: The Board anticipated that this could be an issue.  A vote was taken that the locks would be purchased by the Board.  The price per box ranges between $11 and $18.  All the locks would be keyed alike, meaning there would be a master key.  This would allow the inspector to do the inspection without having to bother people to unlock and relock the boxes.  For full disclosure, there would be several master keys, but home owners would not get one.  Access to a key would always be available by several Board members in case of an emergency, one by the property manager, and one by the inspector.  It was also noted that the locks provided by the builder are low quality, non-weather proof locks. They are rusting and becoming difficult to unlock.  The locks purchased by the HOA would be a better grade and be weather resistant. 

The vote of the 42 homeowners who have backflow preventers was needed because this is a change to the CC&Rs, which is a legal document and requires 67% of the affected homeowners (29 of the 42 homes) to approve.  There was no option to “Opt-Out” because to get this discount it was an all or nothing deal. 

The Board acknowledges that the document sent was written in legal terminology and was confusing.  We are constantly working to improving communication with the home owners here and we apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Thank you,

Your HOA Board

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